Dellinger Scholarship

Judith and Ernest Dellinger are beloved members of the Burbank community who have generously supported Burbank students, arts programs and community activities both during their careers and after their retirement. (Mrs. Dellinger was a teacher in the Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) for 36 years and Mr. Dellinger worked for the City of Burbank Community Development Department for 12 years.) This scholarship aims to support hardworking BUSD graduates who value education, demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, engage in community service and emulate the Dellingers’ generous spirit. One of the greatest lessons the Dellingers taught their students is the idea of “paying it forward”. Following their example, scholarship recipients should be willing to support the Dellinger Scholarship in the future, when able, in whatever way they can (for example, helping with fundraising, marketing, reviewing applications, etc.).

- Must be a senior who graduates from a high school in the Burbank Unified School District.
- U.S. citizen or documented legal permanent U.S. resident (green card)
- Planning to enroll full-time in an accredited public or private learning institution in the U.S.
(four year university, community college, or technical school).
- The Dellinger Scholarship requires a letter of recommendation from a school related person (instructor, advisor, counselor). A second letter from a member of the community is optional.

$500 - $2,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Total number of community service hours you completed: (The organizations you served and the description of your volunteer hours should be described in the General Community Foundation of the Verdugos' Scholarship Application).
    • a. during the summer before 9th grade.
    • b. during your 9th grade school year.
    • c. during the summer between 9th and 10th grade.
    • d. during your 10th grade school year.
    • e. during the summer between 10th and 11th grade.
    • f. during your 11th grade school year.
    • g. during the summer between 11th and 12th grade.
    • h. during 12th grade so far (to the present date).
  2. List all current and past Burbank Unified School District Schools you have attended:
    • A. Name of School
    • B. Type of School
    • C. Dates of Attendance
  3. List the subjects that you are currently taking in the Spring. List correct title and show the level (for instance, ‘Spanish 5’).
    • Subject
  4. Proposed Career
  5. Have you completed any courses at a college, or are you currently enrolled in any college courses?
  6. Show 7 more