Gonzales-Harris Bilingual Scholarship

Helping others seemed to come naturally for the Gonzales sisters. Their story is one of hard work, sense of community, and the wish to leave a legacy for others to follow. Margaret, Evelyn, and Virginia were born to Ralph and Marie Gonzales, who originally hailed from Wilcox, Arizona. Ralph and Marie were hard working people who taught their daughters to value family, culture, and love for this country. Upon relocating to Glendale they continued to nurture strong work ethics, education, and the idea of giving back to others. Through the benevolent foresight of these sisters, they left assets in their estate to create scholarships so students would have a chance to improve their lives and someday give back to their own communities. Students must be graduating from a public/private high school of the Verdugo region. The applicant must have a minimum overall 3.5 GPA, provide proof of U.S. Citizenship and be able to demonstrate fluency (written & verbal) in both Spanish and English. If qualified, the student may be considered for a personal interview on a Saturday in April. The student’s Spanish fluency will be assessed during that interview.

This scholarship may be considered for a renewal through the students first undergraduate degree. Renewal information will be sent out in late spring each year.

Up to $6,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide a personal essay outlining the importance of education and how you will contribute back to the community. The essay should also include reference to your bilingual fluency and its benefits including cultural awareness, which helps to make one a better citizen overall.
  2. Please provide proof of U.S. Citizenship (copy of passport, birth certificate or certificate of naturalization) or legal permanent residency (green card).
  3. Please download the Community Service Confirmation Form HERE, complete it with your community service supervisor/sponsor, and upload it to this field. Or upload other proof of community service.